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How do I know the installation is done right?

Crews that are highly trained not only in installing each particular fixture but also in the proper safety techniques to avoid any on-site accidents should perform installation of the fixtures. When in doubt ask questions. The best way to install the average fixture is to use a method called Òstand offsÓ. Stand offs are stainless steel bolts that keep the fixture between a half and one inch of the tree. They are screwed into the tree via a drill. This method does not damage a tree or open it up to ‘wounds’, which can allow diseases such as oak wilt to enter a tree. This method needs less maintenance. Any limbs that are pruned should be painted.The tree climbing crew should be trained in the proper use of ropes, safety belts, and saddles. They need to have his equipment in good working condition and on their person while they do the installation.

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